"Avoiding the wrong is not enough,

doing the essential right is what counts!"
Dr. Axel Gottlob

Dr. Gottlob Institute


More than 4,000 Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Sports Scientists, Fitness Trainers, Athletic Trainers, Professional Athletes and Health Professionals from 28 different countries have already been educated, coached and trained at the Dr. Gottlob Institute.

Dr. Gottlob Institute: Professional education and courses for Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists Fitness Trainers, Health Professionals and Professional Athletes.

We enable you to draw from an invaluable pool of theoretical and in particular practical knowledge and experience in the following topics: training science and biomechanics,  evolutionary based 3D-anatomy and histology, multifaceted body training with differentiated training exercises in order to improve performance and physical resilience and body adjustments as well as communicative skills with clients.

All courses offer practice-proven specialist know-how which you can put into daily practice and  apply in a cross-linked way. For references of past students please click here >

Our guarantee: All training sessions and courses will be presented by Dr. Axel Gottlob in person!


Next special course:

New courses in 2024:

HR-E - Health-REvolution-Coach


EA - Exercise Analytics
(both in German language)


Please note that this English homepage is still under construction and more detailed content about our institute and educational work will follow.


In addition to the course of studies available,
Dr. Axel Gottlob also provides research and individualised coaching services. He presents lectures and courses at congresses, for clinics, performance centers and companies.


Read all about the history of Dr. Gottlob Institute, the complete biography of Dr. Axel Gottlob and further informations to his publications.


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