Consulting & Research

Services from Dr. Axel Gottlob:

  • Consulting clinics, rehabilitation facilities, fitness centres and company fitness facilities concerning equipment, training concepts and programs with regards to optimal client success and high compliance
  • Advising performance and competitive athletes in regards to improving performance, injury prevention and rehabilitative training
  • Advising Olympic bases, top performance centres and training camps
  • Exclusive Private-Coaching
  • Consulting equipment manufacturers concerning biomechanical issues
  • Advising companies in regards to a client orientated, innovative management

If you are interested in any advisory services we would be happy to hear from you:

  • Research and development of new exercise kinematics
  • Optimising training equipment ergonomically and biomechanically
  • Providing professional analysis and expertise in relation to training equipment, concepts and programs
  • Putting evolutionary-based anatomy and biomechanics into differentiated training practice
  • Analysis and Improvements of the communication between doctor and patient, trainer and athlete and of general client interactions

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