History of the Dr. Gottlob Institute


History of the Dr. Gottlob Institute
History of the Dr. Gottlob Institute


I. The Dr. Gottlob Institute has been working for 30years in training, coaching and in research.

II. Over 2,000 fitness facilities all over the world have been designed, advised or trained.

III. Over 4,000 personal trainers, fitness and athletic trainers, physiotherapists, sports scientists, performance athletes, doctors and patients have been further educated, coached and trained.

IV. Participants from 28 countries, amongst others: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Slovenia, Croatia, Russia, Qatar, Canada, USA, Chile, China, Japan and Australia.

V. Graduates of training include top athletes such as Ironman winner of Hawaii, World Cup Skiing champions, team leader of the Davis Cup, national marathon champions, top sprinters, golfers and martial arts athletes as well as national and state coaches for various sports, trainers of elite combat groups and coaches for fighter pilots.

VI. Over 20 years of research, development of new training exercises and exercise progressions as well as professional training machines with over 80 new developments and various patents.

VII. For many years intensive cooperation with the Olympic team’s training camp Rhein-Neckar in Heidelberg.

VIII. Several Physiotherapy practices have been successfully implementing Dr. Gottlob´s therapeutic training concepts with their patients.

IX. Company physicians in large corporations for example, Airbus Germany and therapists in various rehabilitation hospitals have been trained, including one of Switzerland's leading rehabilitation hospitals in Bellikon.

X. The Gottlob family has been and still is contributing to highlights in the Fitness industry for over 60 years. See the report about the 50th year fitness-anniversary:

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