Lectures & SEMINARS

Experience Dr. Axel Gottlob LIVE on stage or in your facility - at congresses, in clinics, performance centres, sport facilities and companies.

  • Inspiring lectures 30 - 90 minutes;
    half-day, one day and several day seminars

  • Languages of lectures: German or English

  • Lectures and Seminars will be precisely planned in advance with respect to your requirements, business environment and aims and objectives.

If you are interested in a lecture or a seminar we would be happy to hear from you:

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Lecture and Seminar Themes:

  • Getting out of the degeneration trap due to inactivity
  • The power of placebo and its use in patient communication, in the therapy process and in the achievement of personal bests
  • Is our medical system including hospitals, medical insurances,
    Big-Pharma and reparatory medicine actually beneficial to the health of the individual?
    Evidence - truth of the individual - consequences!
  • Power Ageing - high performance and resilience with age
  • Differentiated Training Therapy with refined strategies for:
    • Back problems
    • Osteoporosis
    • Arthritis
    • Pathologies of complex joints such as the shoulder girdle, knee and hip
    • Tendon pathologies
  • Power spine - Myths and Facts
  • Differentiated Strength Training on the bases of evolutionary-based anatomy and biomechanics