Education & special Courses

All educations and special courses of the Dr. Gottlob Institute provide you with practice-proven, specialised know-how which you can put into daily practice and apply in a cross-linked way.


Our guarantee: All educations & special courses will be lectured by Dr. Axel Gottlob in person!


Please note that this page provides you a short overview description of each of our current educations and special courses on offer. Due to the fact that the English-speaking version of our homepage is still under construction there will be more detailed information for each education and special course to be found soon.


  • Certified Fitness Trainer ZFT: A 6-day introductory training course which will equip you with the most important content for a successful coaching career.

  • Master Fitness Trainer MFT: This is master level 1 (a 12-day professional training). Certified Master Fitness Trainers from our Institute are not only considered as real professionals in their field, but also open doors in the fitness industry, which remain unavailable to other trainers.
  • Master Personal Trainer MPT: This is master level 2 (a 20-day exclusive training). Master Personal Trainers are experts who provide a high level of expertise, knowledge and strategy and help their customers to make real achievements.
  • Master Trainer for Fitness, Personal Training, Prevention and Training Therapy MT: This is master level 3 (a 27-day elite training). The crowning of all trainings. Whether as a personal trainer, in training therapy, in competitive sports or within the health sector – a Master Trainer is an expert in all areas.


  • M2 Shoulder Girdle System (2-day course)
    Development of shoulder stablising mechanisms as well as mobile and competent shoulder girdle dynamics.
  • M3 Lower and Upper Limb (2-day course)
    The path to resilient limbs and powerful movement skills.
  • M4 Differentiated Training Planning - Tools (2-day course)
    No simple training schedule lists but you will be provided with the tools and expert knowledge to design and optimize your own training processes individually.
  • M5 Strength Training: Body Weight & Free Exercises (2-day course)
    Exercise power and the knowledge to design free exercises for personal trainers, therapists and presenters.
  • M6 Training Motivation and Customer Care (2-day course)
    Empathic and training-motivated customer support – implemented and truly adopted.
  • EA Exercise Analytics New! (2-day course)
    Differentiated exercise analysis, exercise evaluation and fine tuning of newly published exercises. All verified exercises will be taught and practised in this course.
  • POP Power of Placebo New! (1-day course)
    Placebo and Nocebo – facts and secrets. Experience and benefit from the incredible effects!
  • MHO Master Hands-On (2-day course)
    Special training for professional trainers and therapists who want to be among the best in teaching exercises with a hands-on approach!
  • DAA Differentiated Athletic Training with Exercise Analytics (2-day course)
    Analysis – Verification – Training practice: The course includes the highlights and concepts of athletic training.
  • PRC Power Back Coach (4-day course)
    You will learn that powerful and resilient spinal structures as well as no signs and symptoms are not a myth but can in fact become a reality.
  • PGC Power Joint Coach (4-day course)
    This course is the joint professional among the trainers and therapists.
  • PAC Power Aging Coach (3-day course)
    Functional preservation, resilience and performance ensure a high level of health – for a lifetime!
  • HR-E Health-REvolution-Coach (3-day course)
    Expericence a complete new picture about health, self healing processes and how to trigger and support them as well as the limits of the medical and pharmaceutical complex.

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